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Smartkat 5.0 m I Orange/Grey

Smartkat 5.0 m I Orange/Grey

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Smartkat 500: The next generation of sailing

Ready to take sailing to the next level? The Smartkat 460 is the evolution of the popular Smartkat models and sets new standards in performance and design. With a length of 4.6 meters, the new hulls offer optimal maneuverability and reduce spray, while you reach your maximum speed faster than ever before.

The heart of the trampoline has been repositioned to further increase speed. The dynamic design of the headsail and mainsail gives your Smartkat a graceful appearance even when stationary. The headsail now comes with 3 battens as standard to maximize your sailing performance.

Thanks to the new 4.6 meter long hulls, the Smartkat 460 can be easily packed into two bags - the smallest pack size in its class. The low weight makes it the first choice for campers and air travelers who want to explore new sailing areas.

The Smartkat is known for its ease of use and versatility. Even beginners can improve their sailing skills in light winds thanks to its forgiving nature. Minor adjustments to the sail geometry can make the boat extremely fast, which is fun from the very first moment.

Ambitious sailors looking for adrenaline can use the Smartkat 460 to test their limits. Professional sailors can even compete in regattas.

Our unique advantages:

  • Only catamaran with a Beaufort-6 certification
  • Fast turning and sailing "close" to the wind thanks to our innovative central daggerboard solution
  • The only inflatable catamaran approved by the DSV for regattas
  • Suitable for single-handed sailing: Transport and assembly possible alone, sporty sailing even without a partner

"Ready to Sail" package including:

All our models are ready to sail and include:

  • Manometer for pressure control
  • Hull Repair Kit
  • Two carrying bags

Technical data:

  • Weight: 47kg
  • Hulls: 4.60 m
  • Main sail: Material: Dacron; Colour: Orange/White/Blue
  • Jib: Dacron headsail with endless furling jib for one-handed operation
  • Mast: aluminum (3-part)
  • Tree: Aluminum
  • Frame: Anodized aluminum frame
  • Tiller: Carbon tiller extension
  • Trampoline: Integrated riding belts

Ready to make your sailing dreams come true? Order your Smartkat 460 now and experience the fascination of sailing in a new dimension.

 VSMA04-R 23
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